Church music

The Rock Church is unique in many ways. Hundreds of thousands of visitors come to see and experience it annually. You can witness a unique musical experience in a one-of-a-kind environment in one of our 150-190 concerts every year. Come see top musicians from around the world, popular artists from Finland or singers, instrumentalists and concerts suited to many different tastes.

The Church Inside the Rock has for the last 40 years been the place for the congregation’s musical work.

Our long list of church musicians, choirs, professional musicians, amateurs and ordinary members of the congregation are the ones who perform the music during church services, in ceremonies, concerts, in gatherings of different congregational groups, visits to schools and daycares, confirmation camps and in other forms of educational work.

The musical work in our congregation reaches all age groups and work forms, enabling all activities to be closely knit together and to be completed

in co-operation with different branches of congregational work.

Church musicians