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Temppeliaukio Church history

Temppeliaukio Church history


The street plan for southern Töölö was laid out at the turn of the century after a planning contest had been brought to a close. Most contest proposals expected a monumental building, most often a church, to be built on the hill of Tunturilaakso (the site of Temppeliaukio Church today).

After negotiations were over, the parish council decided to announce an open design contest for the church itself and its location. 57 proposals were given of which two architects, Kaj Englund and Lasse Björk, were given second place.

The outcome of the competition did not please the contest committee, and thus a new contest was announced. This time 23 proposals took part. As with the previous contest, the committee ended up giving out two prizes for second place. The prizes went to architects Martti Välikangas and Aarne Ervi along with Toivo Paatela. Third place went to Professor J. S. Siren. The parish council accepted Professor J. S. Siren’s drawings of a cathedral as the ground plan for the building project. Quarrying began in November 1939 but WWII soon brought the construction work to a halt.

The parish council decides to give up continuing J. S. Siren’s plan.

The parish council announces yet another architecture contest. 67 building proposals were left for the new church.

Timo and Tuomo Suomalainen are announced the winners of the contest with their proposal of the “Rock Church".

On January 1st Taivallahti begins operation as a congregation.

New drawings of the church are approved on February 18th, 1966.

The maximum budget for construction is drawn at 3,550,000 Finnish marks.

Construction work begins February 14th, 1968.

Temppeliaukio Church is inaugurated on September 28th, 1969.

The total amount of people to have visited the Rock Church is 18 million.