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Corona restrictions throughout January 2022


10.01.2022, 12:44
Up to 30 people can attend worship services and ceremonies. All other gatherings and live activities have been suspended until 31 January with the exception of activities for children and youth.
Diakoni ja asiakas keskustelevat maskit kasvoilla

Worship services and church ceremonies

Attendance at indoor worship services and church ceremonies is limited to one fifth of the official capacity of the venue, but no more than 30 participants. Seating arrangements are adjusted to minimise the risk of contamination. The use of face masks is strongly recommended, regardless of the level of vaccination.

For outdoor worship services and church ceremonies, the above limits do not apply, but the requirements of the Infectious disease law § 58 d must be met.

Congregational singing is reduced to a minimum and choirs do not perform at all in worship services and ceremonies. Parishes are encouraged to stream their main services.

Live gatherings and activities

All other live gatherings and activities (including small groups) are suspended until 31 January 2022, with the exception of guided recreational activities for children born in or after the year 2003. Confirmation schools and camps for children and youth can be organised if corona safety measures are in place.