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Ukraine must not be forgotten! Candles are lit on Senate Square on Saturday February 24th at 5pm to honour the victims of the war in Ukraine and to support Ukraine

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21.02.2024, 15:23
The full-scale Russian war of aggression against Ukraine has continued for two years. Ukraine and its people need our help and support more than ever. We invite everyone in the city of Helsinki to light a candle for the victims of the war in Ukraine at the Light for Ukraine -event at Senate Square on Saturday February 24th at 5pm. With a sea of candles on the steps of the Helsinki Cathedral we shall send a strong message to Ukraine: The Finnish people have not forgotten you.
Valoa Ukrainaan tapahtuman teksti

Next Saturday marks two years since Russia invaded and began a brutal full-forced attack on Ukraine. Even though war spreads darkness, we cannot let hope and light die. We must not forget about Ukraine, and we must not leave Ukrainians to survive on their own, because they are fighting for freedom and peace on behalf of us all. While this war rages on and human suffering increases, it is even more important to show our support for Ukraine.

The Light for Ukraine -event begins at 5pm with the ringing of the bells of Helsinki Cathedral followed by a minute’s silence. After this, candles will be placed on the steps of the Cathedral, and Ukrainian choirs, Maailma-choir and the YL Male Voice Choir will perform. Cemetery candles can be laid on the steps from 3pm onwards.

The organisers will provide 2,000 candles to be handed out on Senate Square. After the event, the candles will be collected by the Ukrainian Association in Finland, and sent out to the front in Ukraine, where their wax can be repurposed for energy and light sources.

You can participate in the event through social media by posting a picture of a candle or a candle emoji. The hashtags for this event are #WeMustNOTForget and #WeStandWithUkraine.


At 5pm, the event begins with the ringing of the bells of Helsinki Cathedral. Presenter Ira Hammerman will open the event. We will then observe a moment of silence for the victims of the war.

The song Plyve kacha is performed by Maailma choir (directed by Saara Ruuska) and two choirs from the Ukrainian Association in Finland; PerEspiv choir (directed by Uliana Burdina) and Kalyna choir (directed by Gregory Pass).

The representatives of the organisers and distinguished quests place their candles on the steps of the Cathedral.

The song Molytva za Ukrainu (A prayer from Ukraine) is performed by Maailma choir, PerESpiv choir, Kalyna choir and child choir Yasni, (directed by Sofiia Yakovyshyna).

At 5.30pm, the official programme ends with Finlandia Hymn performed by a triple quartet from the YL Male Choir.

The public may place their own candles of the steps of the Cathedral.

At 8pm the lights of the Helsinki Cathedral will be switched off and the candles collected to be sent to the front in Ukraine for energy and light sources.

*If you cannot make it at 5pm, you are welcome to light a candle at the steps of the Cathedral at 3-5pm and 5.30-8pm.

The event is organised by the Lutheran Churh in Helsinki, Mothersforpeace ry, and the Ukrainian Association in Finland in cooperation with the City of Helsinki, the University of Helsinki, the Prime Minister’s Office, and the Embassy of Ukraine in the Republic of Finland and Iceland.