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Dining and Food Distribution at Parishes of Helsinki in Autumn 2022

28.09.2022, 15:07
Let’s eat! You can sit to a ready meal at churches or take food with you.

Churches in Helsinki offer low cost meals. You can have affordable lunch and on top of it, have company for your meal. Or how would you like dinner after work with children or without? Or if you’d just like some porridge or pie, those are available too. In many locations you can buy the meal as take-away.

The Waste&Feast restaurants run by the parishes prepare meals as much as possible from waste ingredients at grocery stores and suppliers using youth workers as a program to assist them into employment. Waste ingredients are also utilized in many other meals as well. From waste to the plate, affordably and ecologically!

Dining is open to all. You do not need to be a member of any church, and your religious conviction is never asked, nor is your financial situation.

From the food distribution you can pick up food ingredients for your home. They are in the same listing

You can browse dining at parishes here (in Finnish)

Information about the meals is available in this brochure (in Finnish)