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Family counselling services offer more appointments that can be booked without delay

10.06.2024, 14:55
Miehet istuvat lattialla ja pitävät toisiaan kädestä

The Helsinki parishes’ Family counselling services offer faster access to help, as the number of single session counselling appointments is increased. You can book an appointment with a family counsellor by telephone or online. The appointment will typically be available within two weeks. One single session may help you resolve difficulties in your relationship.

There is a constant demand for family counselling services, and there is a long queue for the traditional, multiple-visit family counselling appointments.

- Relationship or family problems do not always require multiple-visit processes. That's why this is a good option for resolving relationship or communication problems more quickly, so that the situation is less likely to escalate into a crisis," says family counsellor Anna Korkman-Lopes.

You can book one appointment at a time. If necessary, you may re-book some more appointments, in which case they may be with a different family counsellor.

The single appointment approach offers practical ways to improve your relationship situation. In a session the order of priorities will be considered. The conversation focuses on finding a topic to talk about that will help you move forward the most. The approach is solution-focused. You are welcome alone, as a couple or as a family. All appointments can take place remotely if required.

Info about booking an appointment.